E-Mail Forensics Investigation Bangkok,Thailand

Posted: October 25, 2018 in Computer Forensics 1


Emails and the internet are the modern tools used by cyber-criminals and those intent on causing financial damage and disruption to legitimate businesses. These tools have been a major factor in the proliferation of illegal trade in counterfeit products which infringe trademark or copyright.

Often the perpetrators utilize a wide range of tools and tricks in an attempt to remain anonymous. However, there is an equally wide range of tools and tricks available to obtain information about them. We can provide careful analysis of this information and vital clues about the operators of websites and senders of emails which, if interpreted properly, can lead to their identification, location and prosecution.

We also provide internet monitoring services for clients who wish to monitor the internet in general or particular sites for specific behavior such as selling products infringing their trademarks or copyrights. The Orion Hi-Tech Unit have a successful track record in tracing a variety of organizations who were using spam, websites, message boards and auction sites to conduct illegal activities.

More Information at  www.orionforensics.com

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E-Mail : forensics@orionforensics.com

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