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So You Want to Become a Digital Forensics Investigator!

I have been a full time digital forensic investigator now for almost 15 years. I still remember the excitement on my first day when I started within the South Yorkshire Police Computer Crime unit. The learning curve was steep. I had no university degree in computers, limited computer training and most of what I knew about computers was self-taught including how to build computer systems.

So why was I offered a position within the computer forensic unit? I was an experienced investigator and I had demonstrated self-motivation and the ability to learn by teaching myself to build computer systems, 3 of the key skills required to become a good forensic investigator.

I have been very lucky in my career. From day one I had the privilege to work with some very skilled, experienced forensic investigators who were willing to share their knowledge and in return expected high standards. Over the past 15 years, I have seen many changes within the digital forensics field, including changes in the volume of data that needs to be examined, the range of devices that may hold vital evidence and an increase in the cyber criminals’ skills.


About the Author
Andrew Smith – Director of Computer Forensic Services, Orion Investigations

Andrew is responsible for the management of the Orion Computer forensic Unit. His responsibilities include ensuring the unit operates to the highest international standards, business development and the development and delivery of training for clients and staff. Andrew is an experienced forensic investigator with extensive training and comprehensive experience in relation to criminal, corporate, malware and counter terrorism investigations within the UK, Europe and, more recently, Asia. He has worked in the public sector with the South Yorkshire Police where he received his initial training in computer forensics and also in the private sector with a leading UK computer forensics company. He is also an experienced trainer having developed UK Law Society approved training courses and delivered master degree level forensic training. With over 15 years’ experience in the field of computer forensics, Andrew has regularly appeared in UK and Thai courts as an expert witness to present complex computer evidence.


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